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When B2B Marketing Company, PostcardMania, wanted to come up with a creative idea to send to their top clients for Valentine’s Day, custom printed candy hearts immediately came to mind.

“We thought – you know those classic conversation heart candies with the silly phrases on them? What if we could print our own phrases on them and include our brand and use it as a social media caption contest.”

The valentines giveaway idea fit perfectly – they brainstormed 14 different sayings to print on the candy itself, and came up with a valentines promotion idea to offer a $500 amazon gift card to the client who came up with the best sentence using the candy and posted it on social media (specifically Facebook).

Valentines Day Social Media Ideas


The giveaway itself included a gorgeous custom printed box filled with crinkle paper and custom candy cubes from

Valentines Day Promotional Idea


The results of the campaign were even better than they had expected, clients all over the US were posting their custom phrases on Facebook to take part in the contest.

Valentine Promotion


Here are a just a few of the entries:

Want to do a similar promotion yourself? Visit the custom candy packaging gallery for more inspiration and a custom quote!

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