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The Oompa Loompa’s over here at MyCustomCandy are always up for a good challenge. So when a call came from Kim Kardashian’s team that a whole lot of candy was needed for a project, and it was needed fast, we jumped on the case!

Kim’s team was working on press kits for her brand new Kimoji Candy Hearts perfume, launching just before Valentine’s Day. Kim has been a loyal MyCustomCandy customer for several years, and we were excited to partner with her team on this project.


Kim came up with the brilliant idea to create giant hollow chocolate hearts, which they would send with a little wooden hammer. The recipient would hammer through the hollow chocolate to find the perfume sitting in a bed of MyCustomCandy custom printed candy hearts. Here was the final press kit:

Brilliant right?

So we rush off a boat load of custom candy hearts, she gets it and everything ends happily ever after right?

Well not exactly. See the Oompa Loompa’s were a little tired when they produced Kim’s order (working late nights to fill all of the Valentine’s orders) and they made a little mistake. No one noticed until we received a call from Kim’s team at 11pm saying that one of the hearts was printed on the wrong candy color – this was a no go since the candy needed to match the chocolate heart and the perfume inside. Not only that but the chef making the chocolate hearts was already booked to fly to New York the next day to assemble the remaining press kits and now everything was on hold because of this! Yikes!

Here’s Kim’s behind the scenes take on what happened:

We ended up pulling an all nighter and getting them to Kim the next day, but yikes we won’t ever make that mistake again.

The press kits were a huge hit, being shared on social media by celebrities all over the US (getting her a BRILLIANT amount of PR for her perfume launch):


Her perfume launched just after this and the results…DRUMROLL PLEASE…

All of the 3 fragrances sold out within four days of launch, generating $10 MILLION in sales.

Check out the full video of the press kit launch by Kim’s team:


Get your own custom candy hearts starting at just $54!

The Oompa Loompas

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